Internet Security Company

The client had enterprise level data centers that used chilled water Computer Room Air Handling (CRAH) units. The chiller plant was approximately 2k ton and was maintaining a fixed chilled water temperature (CHWT) of 42 degrees Fahrenheit. The CRAH units were operating at approximately 10% capacity because the CHWT was so low. The client wanted to decrease energy costs by automatically increasing the CHWT based on the CRAH unit’s operation.

A&IS was retained to design a Chilled Water Optimization control program that automatically increased & decreased the CHWT based on the CRAH unit operational capacities. The Chilled Water Optimization strategy we developed interfaced with the client’s existing BAS and CRAH unit controls, and was designed to operate the CRAH units at a minimum of 40% capacity.

Upon implementation of the Chilled Water Optimization function, the BAS was able to automatically increase the CHWT up to 58 degrees Fahrenheit without affecting the space conditions within the client’s critical data centers.