When you switch to a new building system, it is crucial to make sure all employees know how to interact with it. After all, human error may contribute to rising costs that your new building system was designed to mitigate!

After the implementation of your BAS, BMS, EMS, CFMS or DCIM system, the A&IS team can develop and conduct training programs for your maintenance and facilities personnel to ensure your employees become well versed in every aspect of your new system. Color and language preferences are fully customizable and training can be held on site or remote via WebEx or GoTo Meeting platforms.

Our on-site training programs are designed to ensure that your team can take full advantage of the benefits arising from your new system. Continuous proper system operation depends on having maintenance and facilities personnel that can take care of your building system.

Benefit to You:

  • Reduction of downtime in the event of critical system failure
  • Increased productivity of maintenance and facilities personnel
  • Decreased maintenance costs through proper system operation

Interested in Training? We specialize in the following building systems: